dogIn a survey of over 500 print businesses, PagePath asked about the biggest challenge facing them in today’s marketplace.  More than 93% of the responses expressed interest in generating new sales.

Every day, you use your print sales tools and previous  win the business and commitment of your prospects. For some, print sales may feel like sending Lassie out into the pasture to bring in the lambs, but for most it’s probably more like herding cats… blind folded… with your hands tied behind your back.

Today’s goal is to do some work on what I like to refer to as the sales “tool box”. The tool box contains the impressions, materials, and commitments that you leave with your prospects.  When is the last time you deeply examined it or even added something new? Let’s review some of the items you don’t want be without.

toolboxLeave something they can touch
Print is about sight and touch. The feeling you get when you hold a well-made business card is the same feeling you want to ingrain in your customer when you walk out the door. Grab some nice folders, put your logo on them, and fill it up with some of your best samples and work. Include a business card and a “Letter from the CEO” to let them know you mean business.

Create a lasting impression
Offering your customers a way to quickly order and reorder over the internet is critical to leaving a lasting impression. In less than 10 minutes you can build an ordering website for your prospects, complete with their own logos, colors, and login information using MyOrderDesk.

Follow up
The faster the better. Your first follow up needs to happen within 30 minutes of leaving your prospect. This can be a simple email to them restating your contact information and who to contact if you’re not available. This is also an excellent time to send links to your website, links to the demonstration website you set up for them, or to include a company photo.

toolSpend some time today making your tool box impart the high end feeling of a performance racing garage. For more information on PagePath’s MyOrderDesk or a demonstration please call 866.770.7561