Here is what the top workplace consultants say employees want more than money. Geoffrey James, author of “Business Without the Bullsh*t” (to be published in 2014), writes that employees:

  • Want to respect the boss. They want it from the boss, but they also need to believe their boss is a leader who deserves their own respect.
  • Need some degree of security and know they aren’t wasting their time while doing their best.

Jeff Gunther, author of “Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It,” decided employees needed trust and autonomy. He instituted the Results Only Work Environment.  Employees can work their own shifts, in any location they choose but they have to produce results.

Gunther found employees were more productive and loyal.

Tim Gould, writing for, says that perks are still big with employees.  Sport tickets, gift certificates, free lunches, car washes — all of these little rewards give people a lift and bragging rights.

Leonard Glick of Northeastern University says in Forbes that employees should “feel that they own the place.” They should feel responsible to the customer and a valued member of the team.

And one more thing: James says employees want to be on the winning team and they want to know what it takes to get there.