Like all small companies, Progress Printers truly relies on its customer base. By providing excellent service, quick turnaround times and great rates, they’re able to keep customers coming back so that everyone benefits.

Rachel North, Marketing Director for MyNorth Media, which produces several magazines and vacation guides for the Northern Michigan region, often works with other advertisers and businesses from around the country. They’ll often ask about a printing or publishing house, and Ms. North steers them toward Progress Printers, especially when they’re doing local mailings.

“We often work with Jim Novak at Progress Printers,” North says, “who can provide you with very competitive rates. Plus, you’d benefit from faster turnaround with the postal service and a local postmark.” Another of Ms. North’s concerns is their mailing list—and entrusting it to a business that will safeguard their clients’ confidential information. Progress Printers’ experience and reputation sets her mind at ease.

“We really like working with Progress,” shares Eric Layton, Design Coordinator at Versus Technology, Inc. “They print our oversized brochures. It’s always a quality output and delivered on time.”

Progress Printers thanks its customers and aims to ensure all clients have a similar experience! We would be happy to serve you, too!

To learn more about Progress Printers, Inc., our Printer of the Month, please use the information below:

Progress Printers, Inc.
1445 Woodmere
Traverse City, MI 49686

Phone:  231-947-5311
Fax: 231-947-0269