It’s no secret that the print industry is going through the largest consolidation and rebuild it’s ever seen. If you’ve been anywhere near print in the last 8 years, you know that nothing is certain and almost everything is in a state of flux.

We see it all too often: print businesses are downsizing, costs are rising, super star customers are leaving for a “cheaper” solution and the list goes on and on. So what can you do about it?!

Professor Albert Einstein taught us that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Are you getting different results? What are you doing differently today?

What’s the point?

I want to tell you, as a print technology evangelist, that if you don’t have a solid system in place (and you somehow made it this far) you’re in for a rough ride ahead. Nurturing and New Customer Sales are King and Queen in the print industry chess game and, without a Web-to-Print system, you’re going to checkmated.

Nurturing! Nurturing! Read all about it!

How do you keep your customer happy? Make it simple, and make it fast!

Your customers ordering through online templates = ease for both them AND you! Reorders are a click away, and digging through old artwork and making mistakes are eliminated through online proofs.

Business Cards & Forms:

Increasing Sales – It’s your move

I’ve yet to meet a business owner that didn’t want to increase sales, but I don’t make it down to the Caribbean much so maybe that’s where they are. Far too often print firms are trying to sell the same thing, the same way, and quite possibly getting the same results.

When you walk out of that prospect’s office, what impression have you left?

Wait, wait, let me guess: Quick turnaround times, great prices, great product, and friendly customer care? That’s where the print industry’s roots are!

There’s a tool you need to add to your toolbox! You must prove to your prospect that you are watching out for them and offering them the easiest tools you can. Your Web to Print solution must give you the ability to quickly construct a custom branded portal for your prospects to order through. Nothing says quality and respect more than a prospect seeing their own logo during a demonstration. See samples below:

Today – it’s about nurturing what you have, and being equipped to go after what you want. Getting a solid Web to Print solution implemented opens up a whole new way of selling, and keeping your customers for life.