Posted October 21, 2013: Being a small company in an out-of-the-way locale, one wonders how Progress Printers can maintain such a high volume and such a dispersed customer base…

“Technology helps,” owner Jim Novak answers. Progress Printers has embraced technologies in a big way—both customer-facing portals (like MyOrderDesk for ordering) and other technologies (like digital printing) on the operations side of the house.

Using MyOrderDesk allows customers to order services. Novak says, “Allowing the customer to drive the process online not only pleases the customer, but it allows my staff to work on other projects rather than spend time chasing down answers and approvals.”

Whether ordering online, calling or stopping in, customers have a variety of options. Progress offers both digital and traditional offset print as well as graphic or variable text and traditional mailing services. The latest in design and set-up software helps keep their graphic designers churning out high-quality products.

“Any time we can automate or create a more efficient process, it saves us time and, in the end, it saves the customer money. It also reduces our turnaround time, and that’s key,” Novak explains. “The faster you can get a print job back to the customer for them to hold and feel—to see the final product of all their time spent planning and designing, the better off you’ll be.”

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