Good morning!

This sales tip is set to be released on Monday, October 14. That’s Columbus Day in Massachusetts, a day we celebrate by taking the day off and solemnly picking apples.

What I want to talk you about today is how best to use these quasi-holidays and quiet days. We have a few coming up, such as the day before Thanksgiving and the days around Christmas.

Start making a list now of the projects that are, as Stephen Covey might call them, neither important nor urgent. Perhaps you need to update your database or learn more about the software programs that you use. Any activity you can think of that helps you to do your job better is best done on days like this.

Getting organized, both figuratively and literally, improves efficiency and productivity. Hey, if you want to take time off and get rest, that’s valuable as well. But by using this time to, again channeling Stephen Covey, sharpen the saw, you can focus on selling during prime selling time. Like right now for example.

Naturally, not everyone in the country has a three-day weekend. Want one? My advice to you is this: Find someone, like Columbus, whom history remembers incorrectly and petition your state government to honor him or her through a temporary work stoppage. Then go pick apples.


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