Good morning!

You walk out of a sales appointment, open the car door, and get in. Putting whatever you brought with you on the passenger seat, you fasten your seatbelt, start the car, and prepare to leave.


Unless it is unbearably cold or unbearably hot, shut off the car. Take out your notepad and do the following:

  1. Write down every detail of the conversation you just had. What business information did the client share? What pertinent facts might you need to be aware of the next time you sit with him or her? And what about the personal stuff? Did he or she mention anything of a personal nature that you might want to remember for later? Write it down.
  2. Next, think back on what came out of your mouth. What questions did you ask? Were there any where you thought yourself, “Dang, that’s a great question!” Write it down! Try to compile a list of good, open ended questions and add to it every time. Becoming a consultative salesperson is a process and you get there by learning from past successes and failures.

And by taking copious notes!

Every challenge you have as a salesperson, every up, every down, will repeat itself. Taking good notes of a conversation ensures that you will get better at what you do. It will help you when you sit with that customer again (make certain to review the notes before you get there).

Only after you have flushed out every detail from your brain should you leave that parking spot. Getting back your office, tuck that piece of paper away. It is one more page in what will someday hopefully be the story of your sales success.


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