Scott FennemanSo what does it really mean to be a “marketing solutions provider”? For Scott Fenneman, owner of Kwik Kopy Business Center in Evansville, IN, it means focusing your attention on the broader marketing communications needs of the customer and delivering results.

“Getting results for customers, hearing them say the message was right, the design looked great, the direct mail delivered outstanding ROI, that they depend on us for marketing guidance and message – not just printing and mailing – that’s what makes the business fun and rewarding for me,” says Fenneman, the marketing guy that owns a printing center.

“Most of us in the printing business know all-too-well that the days of making it on letterhead, envelopes, forms and other commodity printing are gone. What we do get of that ‘stuff’ is generally price sensitive, often ‘earned’ by being the lowest price. Earning business that way gives me concern that I must be selling too cheap. There is nothing fun or satisfying about that.”

So where are the opportunities in this new era and new economy? “For me, it is doing what is fun and rewarding; it is about being a marketing solutions partner with our customers and working hard to deliver results. It is an approach that keeps them coming back for more, because results and ROI are hard things to knock or duplicate or price.”

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