Good morning!

….and greetings from San Francisco, California. Today is Sunday September 15, and I am at the end of my 5600 mile journey across the United States. My goal is complete. But what now?

Often times, we don’t think about that last part—what comes next—and, as a result, we flounder a bit, aimless and devoid of motivation. It’s a sad phone call to get when I talk to someone who was only focused on reaching his or her goal and gave no thought whatsoever about setting new goals.

Motivation has two sides: The carrot and the stick. What is motivating you?

Many new sales reps, whether they realize it or not, are motivated by the fear of failure. As bad as it sounds, it actually works pretty well! The potential of losing your job can definitely drive your sales activities. But, once a little success is achieved and the fear is gone, you need a different motivator.

A simple carrot motivator would be to establish an activity goal and then rewarding yourself for reaching it. You could make it a set number of calls a day or per week. The reward might be to simply take yourself out to lunch on Friday. That’ll work.

If you have a manager or boss, the stick motivator is probably in place. But if you need to reestablish fear, go buy yourself a big ticket item that you don’t need. I did that once when I bought a convertible. Not a big hit with the Mrs., but it sure did the trick!

The point is to be aware of your motivator, ESPECIALLY after you have reached your goal.

Me? I’ll cross the Golden Gate Bridge, leave the bike with my friend Larry Murphy at Murphy Printing and take a Red Eye home this evening, content with my six week achievement. From there, I will spend the week preparing new training programs for the NAPL while maintaining what I’ve already got going.

Never a dull moment!

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