Researchers have found that our brains like surprises. Especially happy ones. What are you doing right now that will “wow” your customers and get them talking about you?
Everyone has seen or heard news reports of celebrity gossip that has “gone viral.” The trick for your printing firm is to say something or offer something that’s so compelling people want to share it with others they know.
To get viral exposure (a/k/a word of mouth) going for your printing company,  think first about what you share with others. Are you saying something new, different, or valuable? Chances are people will talk about what makes you stand apart, not your core offering.
Example: Sorrento Mesa Printing in San Diego talks about, “A 3D Printed Future: 10 Surprising Things We Could See Printed Soon.” That’s what people buzz about.
Another good example is from a doctor who gives well-behaved children a token good for a free ice cream cone at the Baskin-Robbins next door. That’s what people talk about – not his credentials.
It is the surprise or surprisingly unique quality that people will share with others. So do what Bonnie Raitt says: “Give ’em something to talk about!”
What are some creative ideas you have that people can talk about?