Julie Hansen, in  her article “ACT Like a Sales Pro,” points out 4 key concepts that can help you on your next print sales call.

Your best role as a seller is yourself. Be authentic and be genuine. Buyers will see through an “act.”

But there is a way you are like an actor: You often must audition to convince the buyer that you are right for the part. Here’s how actors do it:

• Warm up. A professional actor never goes on stage – or into an audition – without physically and vocally warming up. Print sales pros should do the same. Get your head into the game before the curtain rises.

• Embrace obstacles. Overcoming obstacles is a critical element of any drama. It keeps the audience engaged. Share obstacles you’ve overcome with other customers, in a dramatic way. Ditto for objections. Your “audience” will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see how you’ll address them.

• Don’t sweat mistakes. When stage actors drop a line or mishandle a prop, it shows their humanity. More important is whether you recover gracefully. Humor helps.

• Practice your improv skills. You don’t know how your audience will react, so you have to be quick on your feet. Practice beforehand with colleagues or friends, and invite them to throw you curve balls.

What other skills have you learned to help on a print sales call?