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Though you can’t tell by these videos, I am a tall man. In fact, I’m a very tall man. I’m 6’6”. That’s tall.

One of the better and more interesting pieces of advice I was given early in my sales career was to not sit down in a customer’s lobby. I can’t remember who told me this gem, but he said it can be very off putting when 6’6” stands up, or as he put it “unfolds,” right next to someone who is not 6’6”.

You might think this sales tip is only for the tall salesperson and I used to think that way too. But the idea is that someone should be able to take you in from something of a distance.

As you are waiting for a customer in the lobby, by remaining standing you give them the chance to size you up, pun intended, as they approach you.

Naturally, this tip really only applies to people that you’ve never met.

The last thing that you want to do is to embarrass someone and believe it or not, the way someone reacts to you if taken by surprise can start the relationship off on the wrong foot.

It’s a simple tip and one that I don’t think I’ve ever shared before. But who knows, maybe it will contribute to the start of a beautiful relationship.


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