With the growth of social media over the last few years, everyone has become an expert. I have found myself at times claiming as much as well. But when it comes down to it, there are people that we respect in the industry as someone that can influence us in decisions that we make in our business.

Today I want to explore who you feel is an influencer in your business. Here are a few ideas to get the juices flowing:

  • Industry Consultant
  • Industry Peer
  • Spouse
  • Business Partner
  • Author
  • Parent (my dad is a constant source of knowledge for me)

I would love to do an informal survey. Name specific names if you want. Who do you feel influences you in your business? Post your influences in the comments. Give them props. Tell them WHY the influence you and give them a great big thanks.

Maybe you will be named as an influencer by someone else. How amazing would that be?