Good morning!

“Wow. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.”

“That was fast! I appreciate the prompt response.”

In the past few days, I have heard both of these statements. In each occasion, they were from prospects looking to gain more information on the training programs that I offer. Both times, the initial contact came through emails. I simply hit “Reply”, answered their question, and then sent the email back.

Their response surprised me. I didn’t feel as though I was doing anything unusual by simply replying in a reasonable time period. But apparently it is a unique thing to get back to a customer right away. This prompted me to write this sales tip and point out what I think is pretty obvious (though apparently not):

Get on it!

Get back to people promptly!

You will differentiate yourself by displaying the common courtesy of a quick reply.

One more thing: If someone sends you an inquiry, be it a prospect or customer, and you can’t get back to someone right away with a complete answer, shoot them off an email acknowledging their request and give them a time when you will get back to them. This, too, will make a positive impression and set you apart from the rabble.

When you think of it, given the amount of technology we carry around with us and the ease in which we can be found, there really is no excuse for a delay in getting back to a customer or prospect. And yet, based on the experience I had this week, common courtesy ain’t that common.

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