I hope you are enjoying your summer. Summer time is special. It affords us some unique opportunities as salespeople. Many of us take time off to go on vacation as I did with my daughter a couple of weeks ago in Italy. This is also a good time to get organized and prepared. But there is also a unique prospecting opportunity that I wanted to bring to your attention.

Often times, when we prospect, we hear the customer tell us that they’re not buying anything right now or they’re all set with vendors for the moment. Why not use the so-called summer slowdown to your advantage an d overcome these objections with a unique and seasonal approach?

My thought is to send out a special mailing to prospects pointing out that yes, it’s summer and yes, it’s a slower time of year for all of us. But what a great time to check out and review the abilities and capabilities of a new vendor, namely YOU! After all, they don’t know what they don’t know, you know?

Once the fall comes and summer ends, their ability to find the time to sit with you is diminished. But now, while it’s slow, they have the perfect opportunity to kick the tires and hear what you have to say.

By using a common objection to your advantage, you just might gain some appointments. Take that, summer slowdown!

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