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The staff of a restaurant is specially trained to visit your table and check up on the meal shortly after it has been delivered. They come by, usually just after you’ve put a load of food in your mouth, and ask, “How is everything?” You nod and grunt and somehow get around to eeking out a few words or a request for more bread. On the way out the door, the hostess asks that same question in a final attempt to catch any issues before Yelp does.

I heard from a Print Buyer recently who made a very interesting comment in an email:

“I am waiting for the day that a print salesman will call me the day after a conference, trade show or meeting for which they supplied the printing and ask how we did.   They know when the event is; the date is on the piece of printing I bought from them.  Imagine if a sales person made that call.  It has never happened to me, but if it ever does, they will have a customer for life.”

A good sales rep thanks a client for their order. A very good sales rep sends a written thank you note. A great sales rep picks up the phone and asks how the trade show went, if the company got any leads from the mailing they did, the result of a product launch and if a follow up meeting would be appropriate to review any changes for the next order.

“A customer for life.” Can you imagine? That’s what happens when you stop seeing yourself as a provider or a vendor and start seeing the bigger picture and focus on a client’s business needs, both before and after your product ships.

Be different. Be extraordinary. Be remarkable. Take that one extra step by asking a simple question. “A customer for life….”

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