Extraordinary business people can be charismatic, dynamic and creative, but, when it comes to being a great manager, it’s what they give that counts.

According to the newsletter Sales Source, a truly great owner/manager makes it possible for people to excel by giving them the tools they need and the measure of freedom they want.

Extraordinary print owners/managers also allow extraordinary flexibility, allowing employees to take charge of their own destinies and make their own team rules. In the meantime, owners give people the respect they deserve and the tools they need to get the job done right.

Inspiring people is the key to success for motivated print owners/managers. People perform when they see the goal and know their part is crucial in achieving it.

Today, printing company, employees, and managers all face change and challenges with the light speed changes in technology.

But according to Sales Source, technology should be seen as empowering, especially technology that is really used by people.

Smart phones and tablets tend to bring people together, experts say. They free human beings to be creative.

Extraordinary owners/managers know that work should be enjoyable.

They put people in jobs that can and will make them truly happy.