And thank you for taking the time to listen, read, or watch this sales tip. For all of my customers past and present, thank you for your business. Thank you for trusting me to help to drive your sales momentum and ultimately your sales volume.

Let’s see…. I thanked my current customers. I thanked my past customers. I thanked any and all potential future customers.

Do you think you can guess the theme of this week’s sales tip?

We typically wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to thank our customers. But why wait? You have occasion every day to express appreciation and its that simple act that often goes a long way.

It’s unfortunate, to be honest, but when I receive a, “Thank you for the business!” from, say, a retail merchant, it is a pleasant surprise. It’s one of those little things that makes a difference.

I don’t know about you but I’d like to be appreciated and I dislike when either nothing is said or the “Thank you” seems insincere.

Dale Carnegie tells us to be hardy in our praise. I agree. Isn’t it amazing, and again unfortunate, how the common courtesies we were taught as children are no longer common.

Have I said thank you to recently?

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