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Frustrated by lack of progress? No time to sell? Not getting the support from Management? No one calling you back? Bill and Kelly get together and discuss 4 common print sales coaching issues in this week’s Short Attention Span Webinar, sponsored by

The Short Attention Span Webinars are developed and delivered by Bill Farquharson ( and Kelly Mallozzi ( and sponsored by (PagePath Technologies, Inc.)

Both Bill and Kelly come from a print background with nearly 50 years of combined sales experience.

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  1. Andrew Bogdan June 27, 2013 at 2:56 pm - Reply

    You’ve both made some interesting points around the lack of true Sales Managers as well as the dilemma of people calling you back. Both issues are paramount in todays selling environment. In my opinion most organizations will enable a sales team quite well in regards to product, marketing materials, CRM tools, sales decks etc, but truly lack when it comes to preparing a team for the most crucial part of the process…that being the face to face or phone interaction. Salespeople for the most part don’t know how to effectively communicate their value or the value their company can provide and as a result end up being commoditized and put into the same bucket as every other sales people. Secondly with the proliferation of social media, advanced technology as well as the overwhelming amount of people vying for a client or prospects time the idea of someone getting back to you is rare. To do so though or have a better chance of getting someone to engage with you, I believe a salesperson has to be willing to “go away” and tell the prospect they are not going to chase them forever. In other words interrupt the pattern of behavior they’re used to…it works.

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