PagePath Technologies, Inc., makers of MyOrderDesk Web-to-Print,  in partnership with Sauers Consulting, recently held a 45 minute roundtable Webinar on What Road Should I Take in My Printing Company?. There were many attendees, and the conversation was very beneficial to all participants. Below are the challenges that were discussed.* Best options to grow and how to execute.

  • Do you expand Sales force or Customer Services?
  • Helping with decisions beyond the “fork”.  What do decision makers value for their organizations that vendors can help provide?
  • System for growing sales
  • The direction the Printing Industry will be tacking in the coming years with all the consolidation and printers going out.
  • The future of print, social media and does it really bring in more business.
  • What vehicles other owner are using for marketing there business.

Are you experiencing any of these challenges? Please comment below and share your challenges as well as any suggested solutions.