We talk to a lot of Print and Marketing Service Providers. By far the greatest challenge that faces the industry is lack of strong sales. More and more it is becoming critically important to be able to set yourself a part from the competition so that your services don’t just become commodities.

Here are a few ways you can become a “go-to” resource with your prospects and clients so that you will be of value to them beyond your standard services.

  • Dig Deeper.  Many times when a customer asks us for a quote or proposal, we take the time to give them what they want. Prices. But what if you were to dig a little deeper and give them what they need?
    Consider what would happen if you presented your proposal, and then said: “I did some more research, to make sure that what I am giving you is the perfect solution for you. Here is what I also suggest.” Find ways to be me cost effective. Propose better or additional services that go beyond their original goal or project. It tells them you are thinking about them and their success
  • Become a thought leader. Businesses are always looking for ways to improve the bottom line.  Help them to do that. Create and post blog articles that address their businesses challenges. Publish tips and tricks on your website. Send out newsletters and emails that are fun, but also have content that is designed to better their business. Send out a direct mail or postcard campaign with a simple message, “We are here to help you. Let us know how we can be of assistance.” We people come to you because they need your expertise, it gives you a chance to connect them with the services you offer.
  • Walk in their shoes. Find out how prospects and customers are competitive in their own markets. Perhaps they are stuck. The more you learn about what they’re up against, the better you will be at aligning your offerings to get them out of their gridlock. Your solutions become strategic, and you are transformed into a “go-to” resource.