Web2Print with MyOrderDeskThe following items have been updated or released to the MyOrderDesk Web-to-Print solution.

  • Stale Cart reminders are now dispatched for inactive carts
  • Custom Report templates now available under My Account > Order Form Tools > Reports
  • Set permissions for custom reports under users and groups
  • Added “Summary” link on the My Jobs tab to display Job Count by category
  • Updated Public Job Forms to prevent spam-bot submissions
  • Reset password link is no longer valid after password has been changed
  • Smartforms with Radio buttons bug fixes
  • Added option to the My Jobs tab to “Expand All Items” for carts
  • Setup option to allow less privileged employee account types (Staff, and Job Administrators) to access DocMart administration.
  • Advanced ezMerge enhancements
    • Added PDF Block Type
    • Copy Settings/Formatting to other fields
    • Allow Block Position overrides
    • Textflow fields now default to Hidden
    • More information added to Advanced ezMerge field list
    • Cleaned up PDFLib/MyOrderDesk naming convention
  • Send Files and Orders pull down now matches Form Builder pull down
  • Form Created and Form Modified date and time added to the bottom of every Job Form in “Edit” view
  • Dispatching New User Greetings no longer require all required information┬áto be filled in
  • New User Greeting default template has been updated for more customization
  • New Shipping option to making Select One…appear and make shipping method required.

If you have any questions about the Release Notes, or would like more information about MyOrderDesk, call us at 630-689-4119.