It feels good to know that your workers are satisfied. Even better, many studies show that happy workers mean higher profits.

Though you could do a lot of complicated and expensive things to boost morale, your best buy could be on-the-premises food. Breakfast rolls or bagels are a surprise your people will enjoy.
According to Inc. magazine, Seamless, a company that specializes in making it possible for your company to order lunch, has a new survey out that demonstrates that the way to an employee’s heart is through the stomach.

While 78 percent of employees reported providing food for meetings with clients, companies aren’t providing that same level of service for their internal meetings. And while it’s important to keep clients, it’s also important to keep (and attract) good employees.

  • 60 percent of the 1100 people surveyed said that having food at the office would make them feel more “valued and appreciated.”
  • 45 percent said that the availability of free lunch would strongly influence their decision to accept a job offer.
  • 60 percent said company meals encouraged them to eat with fellow workers, which could mean you’ll actually get more work from them, since business can be discussed over lunch.
  • 41 percent felt that the best corporate gift was food.
  • 40 percent said that having food in the office reduces stress.