Web2Print with MyOrderDeskThe following items have been updated or released to the MyOrderDesk Web-to-Print solution.

  • Completely rebuilt File Library to replace the Image Library. Easier uploads and improved file management!
  • Added floating side bar on forms that will stay pinned to the top of the window when scrolling
  • Enhanced Job Logs to show more detail
  • The Send Files & Orders menu is now searchable
  • Docmart Menus now display quantity pull down where specified
  • Job Numbers no longer append to the Job Description when reordering
  • ‘Locked’ and ‘Favorite’ jobs are no longer greyed out – Alert added when clicked
  • Formbuilder performance improvement with DocMart Items
  • Cart Checkouts have been enhanced with many new alerts
  • Tweaked non-cart based jobs to prevent restart approval process when locked
  • Enhanced Radio button column performance