To represent the company, you have (so far) done everything right. You know the industry, understand the company and its needs, and even better, you know you have just the right product for them.

But the deal is just coasting. How do you close it?

Here are some thoughts from the sales training firm Richardson:

  • First, treat closing as a process. Depending on the product or service, it may come after one meeting or after a series of meetings and negotiations. Sometimes “closing” means moving to the next level.
  • Set an appropriate closing objective for each meeting. It must be measurable, like getting a map of the company’s decision-making process or to write the order.
  • Ask questions that clarify the situation and confirm that what you’re selling matches what the customer needs. Ask the customer if it sounds right to him or her. Ask what timeframe is needed for delivery.
  • Seize the moment. If you have a productive dialog and you’re sure the customer is ready to buy, then ask. Just do it, say Richardson advisors quoted on
  • Celebrate your effort. Whether you close or get shot down, remember that the only real failure is failure to try. Fill your days with victories, large and small, and you’ll have more confidence next time you are ready to close.