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I found some interesting data recently that I wanted to share with you on why customers leave. While the data was not surprising, the percentages were. Keeping current customers is just as important as adding new clients into the mix. So I believe it is very important to know why a customer may leave, and how do we stop them from leaving. Let’s examine the data.

6. What we cannot control

Let’s first look at the smallest percentage, and the one we cannot control. Customer’s die. Yes, I know, not something you really want to think about, but it did make up 1% of the pole. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to stop this from happening, and we really have not idea when it might happen, so let’s just concentrate on making them happy until that time.

5. Geographical Departure

Three percent of the time, customers are lost because the simply move away. Location is important to people doing business with you. Seeing a smiling face, or knowing that you are not that far away brings a sense of comfort to the person paying the bills. More on that in a second.

4. Just Looking

Sometimes your customer just wants to look around. They get curious and want to see what else is out there. Can they get better service? Is the other or better technology in the marketplace that can make life easier on them? While this only happens 5% of the time, you still need to be proactive in keeping customers informed, and on the cutting edge.

3. The Other Guy

This is where it starts to get serious. Your competition is hot on the trail of your client. Nine percent of the time clients leave because the start doing business with the competition. These are the 9% you rarely hear about. To keep “the other guy” off your back, you need to be proactive in building a fence around them.

2. Not Happy

Are you on the leading edge of the industry? If not, your customer will wander away. Fourteen percent of your lost customer are dissatisfied with your products or service. Customers are more informed, and smarter buyers these days. You need to be ahead of the pack to make them happy.

1. Not treated well

Service is KEY to a successful client relationship. If they do not feel like a king or queen, the will look elsewhere. A staggering 68% of your customers are leaving because they are not treated well.

Now for the Good News!

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