Companies that would not approve the iPhone for use by employees are increasingly adopting the iPad, especially by mobile workers.

Their objections to the iPhone were based on its lack of connection to Exchange, the Microsoft email software that is the mainstay of the business world. Further, IT managers couldn’t remotely erase data on the handset in the event it was stolen.

The latest versions of the iPhone and iPad address these problems and make the units easier for tech departments to manage.

The IT people can now internally distribute specially developed apps for the iPad without going through Apple’s App Store.

Some companies are offering iPads as an alternative to laptops. Not only are they more convenient to carry, but they cost less than the laptop computers most companies buy.

Another advantage: They are more convenient than laptops when employees travel, work standing up or give a demonstration.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Mercedes-Benz Financial, the provider of car loans and leases, has equipped some dealerships with an iPad loaded with its app.

The goal is to begin the credit application process while customers are standing near a vehicle.

In the medical world, they are being used and tested for viewing medical images such as X-rays and CT scans, and accessing medical records.

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