Like This!

When Fortune magazine interviewed leaders of large and small firms, they gave a few eye-opening pieces of advice on how to grow a business. Check these out to determine whether any of their formulas could be pivotal growth-growing points in your printing business.

  • Find an edge over competition. Look at the industry’s biggest cost and time constraints and focus on those areas of your business.
  • Describe your business in one or two words. Own a phrase that illustrates your company or service. Then Google it to see if you have chosen the right one. A beverage company used “enhanced waters.”
  • Focus on one measurable priority for your company, not a dozen. For 90 days, focus on one problem in your business.
  • Control your cash flow. Construct a business model that fuels your growth without the need for outside financing.
  • Use blogs, white papers, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to flood the Internet and align the business with the phrase you own. They recommend checking out The Shipping Bloke Blog.
  • Make changes faster. The fastest-moving companies huddle daily, as if in crisis mode, to drive their priorities.

Joe Kern  is Vice President of  Marketing/Customer Service at PagePath Technologies. PagePath was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Plano, Illinois. PagePath’s MyOrderDesk is an eCommerce solution that combines, Web-to-Print, automated proofing, pricing, reordering and more. It seamlessly integrates into a printing organization’s existing website or can be used as a standalone site. MyOrderDesk is known throughout the printing industry as the leader in Web-to-Print software.