Looking for a quick summer break? See if you can answer the following cowboy trivia.

1. What was the name of the singing cowboy in the musical Oklahoma!?
a-Curley, b-Lucky, c-Frankie, d-Petey.

2. What symbol appears on the helmets worn by the Dallas Cowboys?
a-Pistol, b-Bucking bronco, c-Lasso, d-Star.

3. What kind of cowboy did Glen Campbell sing about in a 1975 hit single?
a-Rhinestone, b-Coca-Cola, c-Electric, d-Midnight.

4. Which of these actors did NOT play an astronaut in the 2000 movie Space Cowboys?
a-Donald Sutherland, b-James Garner, c-Tommy Lee Jones, d-Jack Lemmon.

5. Which Old West figure was portrayed by Howard Keel in the 1953 Doris Day musical Calamity Jane?
a-Buffalo Bill, b-Wild Bill Hickok, c-George Armstrong Custer, d-Wyatt Earp.

6. What country singer, who died at the age of 29, was backed by the Drifting Cowboys?
a-Hank Williams, b-Hawkshaw Hawkins, c-Ray Price, d-Webb Pierce.

7. Marion Michael Morrison was the real name of which western actor?
a-Roy Rogers, b-Gene Autry, c-John Wayne, d-Hoot Gibson.

8. Which song by the Steve Miller Band includes lyrics about being called a “space cowboy?”
a-“Take the Money and Run,” b-“Swingtown,” c-“The Joker,” d-“Jet Airliner.”

9. Which cowboy hero was portrayed by William Boyd on TV and in a series of films from the 1930s?
a-Red Ryder, b-The Cisco Kid, c-Hopalong Cassidy, d-The Lone Ranger.

10. “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” was his first number one country song for what singer in 1993?
a-Trace Adkins, b-Garth Brooks, c-Toby Keith, d-Tim McGraw.