Last year Kodak retired its infamous Kodachrome color film. Kodak produced the first easy to use consumer film cameras (Instamatics) and of course the film that went with it. Due to the simplicity and success of point and shoot, cameras are everywhere now but with one small difference; they’re all digital. Yes, there is still a market for film but the vast majority of cameras are digital. The Eastman Kodak company has been able to survive the times because they’ve adapted to the current technology and consumer demand. They no longer are the industry leader in photographic film because they don’t have to be. That technology has been retired.

How are you transforming  your company to keep up with technology? Do you have an online store rather than just brick and morter? Are you advertising your business using modern outlets such as Twitter and Facebook instead of just newspapers or flyers? Did you register your company with Internet search engines rather than just the Yellow Pages? Keeping up with the times is key to a business’s success. Don’t let lack of technology retire your business.

Phillip Grandsard  is a Software Developer at PagePath Technologies. PagePath was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Plano, Illinois. PagePath’s MyOrderDesk is an eCommerce solution that combines, Web-to-Print, automated proofing, pricing, reordering and more. It seamlessly integrates into a printing organization’s existing website or can be used as a standalone site. MyOrderDesk is known throughout the printing industry as the leader in Web-to-Print software.