Ever want to be in more than one place at a time?  Have a desktop computer and a laptop?  Do you get frustrated when you are on the road and the file you need is on your desktop computer at home or work?  This month’s topic is all about being in sync.

There is a service out there called www.SugarSync.com that will allow you to automatically back up your important files and keep them in sync with other computers with almost no effort.

My suggestion is to sign up for their free version to experiment which allows 2GB of storage and the ability to use it with up to two computers. Simply install the software on the two computers you want to keep in sync, specify the folders (Desktop, My Documents, Favorites, etc) and then using their management interface specify the folders to sync.   For example on computer A I chose the Desktop folder to sync with computer B’s Desktop folder.  This way if I save a file to the Desktop on either computer it will be there.  Now keep in mind that you do need to make sure that you have an internet connection to make this all work.  That doesn’t mean you have to have your computers on all the time.  When you boot up your computer and are connected to the internet it will sync any new changes.

Should you be on the road and not have your trusty laptop with you, you can still access your sync files via a web browser on any computer.  This also works well with providing the ability to share your files with others.

Be aware that not all online back companies provide the capability to sync and share files.  Most are on a per computer license.  Even though they may offer unlimited backup storage for a low yearly fee but does it fit your unique needs?

I’m not saying that SugarSync is the end all be all solution it does have its limitations.  The top future improvements for the product are the support of Outlooks files (pst), mapped network drives and external drives.  Hopefully I’ve given some insight into what other possible options to look for in an online backup solution.

Mike Herz is in Tech Support and Sales at PagePath Technologies. PagePath was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Plano, Illinois. PagePath’s MyOrderDesk is an eCommerce solution that combines, Web-to-Print, automated proofing, pricing, reordering and more. It seamlessly integrates into a printing organization’s existing website or can be used as a standalone site. MyOrderDesk is known throughout the printing industry as the leader in Web-to-Print software.