Today’s post is a guest post from Jack Perry. Jack is Vice President of Product Management at Onpoint On Demand. Jack’s role is to help commercial print companies become POD profit leaders through practical application of JDF-enabled technology.

JDF is here to stay and with good reason. It can deliver significant financial, operational and competitive advantage to those companies who leverage it the right way. Here are five reasons why JDF will save  you money:

  1. JDF reduces print production costs by removing manual, repetitive steps from the production process. And lower production costs yield higher gross margins
  2. JDF shortens lead time, the downtime that eats into a printer’s value add percentage. Shorter lead times yield higher value add
  3. JDF optimizes the equipment on the production floor, generating greater productivity out of existing investments. Greater productivity yields faster return on capital invested
  4. JDF also makes it easier to manage order volume variations yielding tighter resource management. When volume is down, fewer people on the production floor reduces overhead cost
  5. JDF Reduces mistakes. Less mistakes equals less waste.