Sales calls on the cheap

Most sales positions involve outbound calling.  Calls may be local, long distance; as well as international.  How much does your phone bill cost?

If you are using a traditional land line,  packages are getting more competitive, but Ma Bell still can stick it to ya for local and local toll calls.  There are more options for local toll and long distance such as which provides long distance calls at $.029 per minute.  Not bad at all, but if you are like me and average 3,000 minutes a month that’s $87 on top of my standard phone service which is still well over a $100 a month.

If you have high-speed internet, that provides many more options.  First is standard VoIP options such as, www.8×, etc. which average $25/mo. for unlimited calls to US & Canada.  With taxes and fees right around $30/mo.   They send you a little box to hook up to your internet connection, then connect your phone and use it just like you always have.

Why not look at something that is even less expensive and a little more virtual.  Skype.  All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a headset designed to work with Skype.  If you’re on the go, use a laptop and always have access to high-speed wireless then this is the option for you.  At $2.95/mo you can make unlimited outgoing calls to the US & Canada.  Need an incoming number no problem add $6/mo.  We’re up to $8.95/mo. for unlimited calling.   International you say;  $18.95/mo. will take care of that.

The point is being a sales person is more of a challenge today and one way to combat the challenge is to save where you can.

Let me know what you’ve saved on your phone bill.



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  1. jkern313 December 16, 2009 at 9:01 am - Reply

    Have you ever tried Skype’s Video features? Do you see these as valuable in a sales arena?

  2. Michael Herz December 18, 2009 at 11:22 am - Reply

    No I have not but it is something that I am going to explore with the coming year. I’ve completed the first step which was purchasing a laptop with a built in camera. Only time will tell how valuable video conferencing will be. Keep in mind that the other end has to have video capabilities as well. Built in video cameras are starting to become standard which will help the momentum.

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