Software companies are providing a multitude of tools that simplify tasks on Twitter. Many are free.

Some software lets you automatically search for Twitter posts and tweets that mention your company. Others let you organize the tweets you follow.

Twitter says it will soon offer new features for commercial users, such as a directory of business users.

For many small companies, keeping track of who’s tweeting about them is a chore. You can search for your company name or other keyword, but to get an accurate picture of what is being said, you have to do it regularly. If you don’t, the tweets pile up and you could miss important information.

If a negative comment is made about your business, it could be something you can address or fix. Or it could be a misconception you could correct.

TweetBeep from Inblosam LLC will send you an hourly email alert listing tweets about your company. It will also maintain a log of who’s tweeting you.

One of the most popular activities is passing along links to articles. People often add their own comments. A new service from counts the clicks on those links.