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Ok, it is time for us to brag a little, and challenge a little. PagePath Technologies has been working very hard lately on developing tools and resources that will help those in the Print and Graphic Arts Industries, and we got noticed.

HubSpot TV, a weekly live videocast talked about PagePath Technolgies’ recent launch of See the video below.


Our challenge for you today is two-fold:

  • First and foremost, what are you “doing right”?
  • Have you thought outside the box recently about your sales and marketing efforts
  • Have you reached out to your customers today and figured out how to better SERVE them.

Second, have you joined twitter yet, or increased your Social Media Marketing presence? If not, we can help. Within the next few weeks, PagePath will be launching our Private Social Media Coaching Sessions. Watch here for details.

Oh, and by the way, you can watch the full episode of HubSpot.TV on the web here, or subscribe via iTunes. Great people, great content! Special thanks to @KarenRubin (follow her on twitter, she can use it) and @MVolpe (follow him too) from HubSpot.