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2093424In a worldwide marketplace, there may be times when it’s difficult to compete in the area of labor costs and, in some cases, even material costs.

At these times, our customer service can put us ahead of the game in competing with companies both at home and abroad. It should be a top consideration for every team member.

That means not only listening to customers and providing good service, but identifying unmet needs that can result in new revenue opportunities.

A successful customer experience often requires collaboration with others in the organization and communication with our own suppliers.

Customers must feel important and appreciated. They are very sensitive to whether we care about them. Be sincere and thank them every time you get a chance to do it.

Look for ways to say “yes.” Comply with any reasonable request and make sure that everything you promise is done. Follow up.

Don’t be afraid to apologize for something that has gone wrong. Customers must always feel that they win in one way or another.