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Today’s post is a guest post from Laura Beulke. Laura is the owner Vertical Printing & Graphics. VP & G specializes in short-run printing and mailing orders. Laura has used Twitter successfully and wants to share her story with other printers. You can contact Laura for more information at or follow her on Twitter at @VPG_Printing

laura5I started using twitter in January 2008 and really didn’t know what it was all about. I followed a link from another social media website and started my account. I looked around a little and found a few people I was interested in and that was about it. I would visit Twitter initially once per week and look what others were posting and then I posted a few things too. Then it hit me around June 2008 this would be a great resource for gaining new clients from all over the country. So my addition became an addiction!!!

At that point I started doing some serious following and was also posting several micro blogs per day. It started off with a little bit of advise here and there, and I would offer some special rates.  I had an idea to give away post FREEBIE’s, where I would give away a little bit of printing or a product. That is when Twitter SNOWBALLED for me. People started to retweet my specials and FREEBIE’s that I offered and before you knew it I had hundreds of new new followers.

I have also done sponsorships for various blogs through connections on twitter. This has brought a fair amount  of attention to both my website as well as my twitter account. In less the 6 months I have gained over 3000 followers and I have built relationships many of them. They have given me some GREAT referrals as well. I am not only a twitter addict now, but I am also a twitter queen (at least I think so).

I make Twitter a part of my daily routine. I post a different special each day, as well as  positive tip about marketing. This is where I have gained a great amount of success. I get new followers everyday and also find that several of my followers take the time to RT (retweet) my specials (some do it everyday.) This is the reason I have been successful at developing new business from this thing we call Twitter.  Follow this up with great products, person to person customer service and building long lasting relationships is and you too can be successful.

Thanks to Twitter I have added clients in 10 additional states, making it 37 states now that Vertical Printing & Graphics, a little boutique printing & graphics company in Encinitas, CA can say they service.