I saw this video on YouTube this morning, so I thought it would be fun to do a numbers trivia as well.

  1. What actor was offered the role of 007 for The Living Daylights, but lost out due to his contractual obligations for the TV series Remington Steele?
    a-Colin Firth, b-Tom Selleck, c-Pierce Brosnan, d- Stellan Skarsgard.
  2. What number was assigned to the captive title character on TV’s The Prisoner?
    a-2, b-3, c-5, d-6.
  3. Zero, Plato and Killer are friends of the title character of what comic strip?
    a-“Beetle Bailey
    ,” b-“Betty Boop,” c-“Little Iodine,” d-“Zippy the Pinhead.”
  4. Who played the former Borg, Seven of Nine, on Star Trek: Voyager?
    a-Jeri Ryan
    , b-Roxann Dawson, c-Jennifer Lien, d-Suzie Plakson.
  5. Who played Number Two, the head henchman of Dr. Evil, in the Austin Powers movies?
    a-Will Patton, b-Bill Campbell, c-Robert Wagner, d-Samuel L. Jackson.
  6. What rock band had a 1980 hit with the song “Hey 19?”
    a-Blood, Sweat & Tears, b-Steely Dan, c-The Edgar Winter Group, d-ZZ Top.
  7. In 1963, Charles Schulz added a new kid to the “Peanuts” neighborhood whose name consisted of what number?
    a-3, b-4, c-5, d-7.
  8. Zero Mostel won a Tony Award for his performance as the title character in which Broadway musical?
    a-Jesus Christ: Superstar, b-The Music Man, c-Pal Joey, d-Fiddler on the Roof.
  9. Which title TV character had a best friend named Six?
    a-Hannah Montana, b-Blossom, c-Punky Brewster, d-Moesha.
  10. Maxwell Smart was Agent 86 on TV’s Get Smart.What was the number assigned to his partner-wife, played by Barbara Feldon?
    a-13, b-24, c-36, d-99.