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I was talking with Bill Farquharson the other day about creative marketing tactics for printers. In the conversation Bill brought up a video that a friend of his produced and uploaded to YouTube. As I watched the video, I was impressed by the simplicity, as well as the creativity in getting the message across. It was effective, and it grabbed my interest. I imagine that it did not take very long to produce (since my degree is actually in video production) and if marketed correctly, it can be a cost effective way to get the word out about their product.

[youtube=] With a video camera and $100 (or less) of video editing software, you can do the same. Videos on the internet have the ability of going viral if done right. How many of us have watched laughing babies time and time again, or clips of a bunch of guys imitating David Blaine the magician. Be creative, convey a message and have fun. Here is another video from a printer that I enjoy.

[youtube=] So go out, make a video, and let me know when it is on YouTube so that I can post it on this blog. Happy Friday!