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Business Week’s Frank Lutz says that in his research for a new book, he has discovered the most powerful words that business leaders use today.

The number one word is “consequences.” There can be good consequences and bad ones, but the word instantly personalizes and dramatizes the potential result of an action.

Next comes “impact.” Lutz says it makes people pay attention and causes them to assume they can make a measurable difference. People want results. They aren’t interested in hearing about efforts or solutions. They want to know how well they can execute.

“Reliability” increasingly has great resonance in business, especially with customers. Whether it’s a product or service, reliability is a factor in price. It adds value.

“Mission” and “commitment” should be part of your business vocabulary. The old words, pledges and promises, don’t carry much weight. Leaders now have to put their credibility on the line to achieve a successful outcome.

A mission is a window into the soul of your business. Along with commitment, it shows a desire to be authentic.

These words are positive and proactive. Leaders can only use them if they are speaking candidly and truthfully.