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Hey! Times are tough. There is no denying that. But during the most difficult times, we must continue to run the race. Here is a story of a man that I find quite inspiring. See if you can guess who this is:

  • He was born in the United States.
  • His father was illiterate.
  • They were forced out of their home when he was seven.
  • His mother died when he was nine.
  • He failed miserably at his first attempted career.
  • A year late he ran unsuccessfully for the state legislature.
  • That same year he lost his job.
  • He applied for law school but was denied because of his miserable qualifications.
  • He later started a business using money borrowed from a friend, but after a year, his business closed.
  • He claimed bankruptcy and spent 7 years paying off his debt.
  • He fell in love and was engaged, but his fiance died shortly after their engagement.
  • The following year he had a complete nervous breakdown and spent 6 months in bed recovering.
  • He later sought to become speaker of the state legislature and was defeated.
  • Two years later he attempted to become the elector of the state, but was defeated.
  • Three years later he ran for Congress and lost.
  • He ran for Congress again, and won.
  • Two years later he ran for re-election and was soundly defeated.
  • He ran for Senate of the United States and lost.
  • He sought nomination for the vice-president and received less than 100 votes.

Year after year he suffered loss, rejection and humiliation. Most of us would have given up long ago. But, he kept trying. What can we learn from him? Who is this man?

If you have a guess, please comment below. Watch our blog for more information and what you can learn.

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