This article comes courtesy of Your PR Guy. I found it was great content for learning how to blog as a marketing strategy, so I thought I would pass it on. Enjoy! Thanks Your PR Guy!

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to brand your business. And, this is really what a blog is for.

Your corporate blog can be used to talk to you audiences about what’s happening in your business. So you can use your blog to inform them about issues, what’s going on with your company, and new products and services your company offers. While that’s dandy blog content, your audience wants to hear stories.

Tell Stories That Excite Your Clients

Storytelling is the oldest form of human communication, and it remains the most effective because people can relate to them. While this is true, not every story is equal or appropriate to brand your business and create conversion. There are three types of stories you should be  writing:

  • Success Stories
  • Problem Solution Stories
  • Testimonials

Of all the content you post on you corporate blog, these prove to be the most effective because they demonstrate several concerns readers of you blog are looking for — solutions.

Success Stories. When one of your clients has some measurable success with a product or service you sold them, blog about it. This shows prospects your wares have value. Not to mention it creates another point of contact with existing clients to deepen your relationship with them, which could result in increased referrals.

Problem Solution Stories.
These are your typical case studies, where you explain a problem one of your clients had, the steps you took to solve it, and the tools used. Included is an explanation of the results your solution produced. This demonstrates value to prospects experiencing similar issues. This type of post illustrates your company’s been-there-done-that experience so many prospects want.

Testimonials. If your clients and customers are happy and tell you about it. Capture that in words. This is dynamite. Blog about it too. Heck, go so far as to invite them to write about it for you. Give them a byline in your blog. When you do this, it’s the same as word-of-mouth. And prospects put more trust in what others say about your company. This bodes will for converting prospects into customers.

Your Corporate Blogging Strategy

Besides using these three story types to drive business to you website and customers into your business, use your corporate blog to inform your audience about trends affecting your industry and potentially your customers.

Search volumes are increasing. As the recession gains momentum, research indicates businesses and consumers are searching more using the Internet. Search engines, such as Google, love keyword optimized blogs, because it makes finding you company easier for people looking for your services.

Blogging in the marketing mix.
First, blogging is less expensive than your traditional marketing tools. Given that search values are increases, you need to be blogging because your prospects are online. Ad-ology released a new study this week. In it the data is telling:

  • 26 percent of small businesses plan to spend more on online and direct advertising.
  • 60 percent plan to spend about the same from last year in 2009.

Why? Blogging provide opportunities far greater to connect with prospects than advertising. With blogging you have the opportunity to tell stories of success. You have a platform to show your company has that been-there-done-that experience, and you have the opportunity to collect and publish testimonials, vastly increasing word-of-mouth and referral rates to your company. Anyway you slice it, small business blogging in a rough economy just makes sense.