At the start of this new year, PagePath Technologies sends you our best wishes for happiness and success.

The year just finished is filled with your accomplishments, and we thank you for your work and dedication.

On the lighter side, while we certainly deserve a happy new year, researchers, psychologists, and poll takers want to tell us how to get one.

Some of their conclusions:

People who are engaged in their work are happier than those who are not, according to the Gallup Organization. Those who are trained for their jobs are happier than those who are not.

Psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania say people who are more resilient are happier. They know how to view situations in a positive light and come up with solutions for problems. Economists at Dartmouth College say that if you are single, you have to earn more money than a married person in order to be just as happy.

Pennsylvania State University sociologists say that how people view money is related to their peers and friends. They say “relative wealth” is more important than “absolute wealth.”

Stanford University researchers discovered that people actually get more satisfaction and happiness from anticipating a purchase than from owning the item.

Researchers at the Marketing Department of State University of New York at New Paltz say “recreational shoppers” have lower self esteem than those who shop for necessities.

We wish you and yours success, health, and happiness in the new year