In my free time from PagePath, I am a High School Youth Minister at my local church. The other day, I was reading an article in a Youth Ministry publication on leadership, and it occurred to me that much of what was said, can apply to management in the print industry. I would like to share some of the bullet points with you on what stood out for me, obviously changing the ideas to leadership in management, instead of Youth Ministry.

There has been a lot written about the power of attitude. And when it comes to leadership and management, attitude means a lot.

Positive mental attitude often gets a bad wrap. It often gets attached to cheesy people who love cheesy slogans. But be careful not to through out the true content with the cheese. Being a leader in management who has a positive attitude is certainly better than one who sees the glass half empty. A positive attitude in leadership:

  • helps you overcome leadership challenges and difficulties.
  • causes you to take responsibility for your actions and life.
  • creates energy–a negative attitude zaps it.
  • leads to action.
  • helps you learn and absorb more.
  • causes you to look for opportunities and potential, not just problems.
  • helps you believe positive outcomes can occur in almost any situation.
  • attracts other positive thinking people into your business and life.
  • helps you discover and focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses.
  • leads to developing good habits.

Ask yourself this one simple question: How will having a positive mental attitude in management improve your business? Then decide whether it is too cheesy to have a PMA.