Plano, IL March 3, 2008: PagePath Technologies, Inc. today announced the addition of Job Categories to the Job Management tools on MyOrderDesk.
With the new Job Category tool, print shops can filter incoming jobs based on a customizable category. This enables the printer to filter specific jobs based on created category. The Job Categories tool can also restrict the types of jobs staff members can access. “Your press operator can now sign-in to the site, a see the jobs that he has scheduled for his press, and nothing else” stated Michael Herz, Account Representative for PagePath Technologies. “Besides the initial filtering of jobs based on their type, Job Categories can be used to quickly make Status changes to a job. A job’s category could be changed to “File Downloaded”, or “In Production”, or “Shipped”, etc. to indicate what production stage the job is in.”

The new status can also initiate an automatic email to the customer, the shop, both, or neither based on the printers needs. Job Categories can also be used to automatically ‘send’ jobs to a Vendor from within MyOrderDesk.

PagePath’s MyOrderDesk is a private-branded solution that combines print-to-web, web-to-print, automated proofing, automated pricing, reordering and more. It is added to a printing organization’s existing Website or used in a Website supplied by PagePath. There are no monthly or transaction fees for using the system. MyOrderDesk is known throughout the industry as leaders in the web-to-print market.

With MyOrderDesk, a print shop can provide its customers with time savings and convenient 24×7 ordering while the print shop enjoys increased production efficiency, reduced turnaround times, and increased profitability.

PagePath Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Plano, Illinois. The firm pioneered the use of the Internet to place orders and transmit documents with an easy to use “point & click” system in 1996. MyOrderDesk was twice named “Product of the Year” by PrintImage International & “Best of Breed” by Xerox.

More information on PagePath’s MyOrderDesk is available at, or by calling 630-689-4111.

Joe Kern
PagePath Technologies
Marketing Manager