Improved usability, increased ease of use, faster access for print shops and their customers.

Plano, IL February 24, 2006: PagePath Technologies, Inc. today announced another significant upgrade to the MyOrderDesk online orderflow system for print shops.

Working with a focus group of print shops and their customers, PagePath conducted months of intensive usability testing. Based on the results of the testing, PagePath optimized the new job management dashboard of MyOrderDesk for enhanced clarity, increased ease of use, and faster access to desired information.

The new job management dashboard of MyOrderDesk was a free upgrade for all current MyOrderDesk customers.
“We appreciate the time and feedback our customers gave us during this joint project. It was a big effort and the advice from our customers was much appreciated, as was the time they invested in meeting, discussing the project and reviewing its progress along the way. As always, our customers do a great job in directing the development of the MyOrderDesk system,” commented Gregory Witek, president of PagePath.

PagePath’s MyOrderDesk is a private-branded solution added to a printing organization’s existing Web site or used in a Web site supplied by PagePath. With MyOrderDesk, a print shop can provide its customers with time savings and convenient 24×7 ordering while the print shop enjoys increased production efficiency, reduced turnaround times, and increased profitability.

PagePath Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1983 with its “Silicon Prairie” headquarters in Plano, Illinois. The firm pioneered the use of the Internet to place orders and transmit documents with an easy to use “point & click” system in 1996. MyOrderDesk was twice named “Product of the Year” by PrintImage International & “Best of Breed” by Xerox.

More information on PagePath’s MyOrderDesk is available at, or by calling 630-689-4111.