Convenient Online Credit Card Charging System for Print Shops

Plano, IL, April 2, 2005: The new QwikCharge(™) System, when added to a print shop’s Web site, enables customer’s credit cards to be processed into the shop’s merchant account. The result is faster payment to the shop and time savings for both the shop and their customer.

The system allows the shop to take advantage of discounts provided for address verification of the buyer, card security code, etc.

Whether used to provide an online selling advantage, save labor, or provide enhanced customer service, QwikCharge will be a great addition to a shop’s online system.

The QwikCharge system can be restricted to specific clients of the shop, or open to the Web public. The simple and easy to use controls allow the shop to quickly charge the full amount of the sale; a portion representing a deposit; or even credit the buyer. This enhanced efficiency frees the shop staff to work on other activities.

QwikCharge joins the existing MyOrderDesk online orderflow tools including the QwikPrice pricing system, the PDF2U proofing and print ready document delivery system, the DocMart inventory management system, the ezMerge variable data system for business cards, etc., the SimpleSend and LAUNCH! file transfer systems, and the Ready2Run approval system for purchasing agents.

MyOrderDesk orderflow tools are private-labeled solutions that are added to a shop’s existing Web site or used in a PagePath supplied web site. With MyOrderDesk, a graphic arts service provider can avoid the significant investment in time and money required to create and maintain a sophisticated e-commerce website.

PagePath Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1983 with its Silicon Prairie headquarters in Plano, Illinois. The firm pioneered the use of the Internet to place orders and transmit documents with an easy to use “point & click” system in 1996. MyOrderDesk was named Product of the Year by PrintImage International & Best of Breed by Xerox.

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