PagePath Releases MyOrderDesk Premier Package

Aurora, IL, June 23, 2000: PagePath has upgraded it’s MyOrderDesk e-commerce toolset with the ability to automatically create, transfer and softproof PDF files from a users native Mac or Windows application. As a result, the graphic arts service provider on the receiving end avoids problems caused by missing fonts or images. They are also able to print the document or file from either a Mac or Windows system without the customer’s native application. Addressing a problem that plagues many small to mid-sized graphic arts service providers, MyOrderDesk eliminates time consuming and profit wasting production problems related to ‘unprintable’ files caused by incompatible software applications, missing fonts, etc.

Released as the MyOrderDesk Premier package, the new PDF and softproofing capability dramatically reduces or eliminates one of the most common and frustrating problems experienced by graphic arts service providers such as commercial printers, screenprinters, copyshops, ad specialties, quick printers, graphic designers, reprographers, etc. Over 2,100 graphic arts service providers are now registered to use MyOrderDesk on their web sites or as a standalone service. MyOrderDesk helps graphic arts service providers increase the productivity and profitability of their online business. MyOrderDesk also increases the efficiency of the procurement process by enhancing the graphic arts service provider’s web site with sophisticated workflow capabilities. Released in December of 1999, MyOrderDesk supports both Macintosh and Windows users.

The new MyOrderDesk Premier package joins the February release of the Performance package. Both packages use a unique pricing model that charges only for days used or a monthly cap, whichever is less. There are no minimum usage fees, transaction fees or contracts to sign. The basic MyOrderDesk package is free and consists of a secure web-based order entry, file transfer, confirmation, and job management system.

Although it can be used on a standalone basis, MyOrderDesk is designed to be private labeled and added to an existing website. With MyOrderDesk, a graphic arts service provider can avoid the significant investment in time and money required to add sophisticated e-commerce tools to their website. MyOrderDesk is a turn-key system that is quickly and easily added to the graphic arts service provider’s website without special skills.

MyOrderDesk uses an order entry and file attachment web page linked to the graphic arts service provider’s website. The order entry page is private labeled with the graphic arts service provider’s identity. MyOrderDesk includes the LAUNCH! Web file transfer engine enabling multiple files to be easily attached to the order. Orders or files entered through the personalized MyOrderDesk web pages are automatically acknowledged by e-mail to the person placing the order or files. An e-mail is also automatically sent to the printer alerting them to the new order/files. A weblink in the e-mail uses the graphic service provider’s browser to retrieve the bundled order and any job files.

Both the graphic arts service provider and their customers can review previous orders by clicking on a weblink. Access to the order data is protected by individual ID and passwords. A monthly job report also is automatically e-mailed by MyOrderDesk to the graphic arts service provider.

MyOrderDesk enables the graphic arts service provider to conduct e-commerce, including taking credit card information, with as many of their customers as needed. MyOrderDesk supports both Macintosh and Windows users with Netscape 4.08 or higher, or Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher.

MyOrderDesk registration, sample sites, comparison charts, an FAQ and other information are all available at

About PagePath: Headquartered in the Silicon Prairie city of Aurora, Illinois, the firm was founded in 1983. The company develops, markets, and supports workflow products and technologies that enable graphic arts service providers to manage electronic documents or artwork over a wide variety of computer and telecommunications networks. PagePath’s pioneering LAUNCH! Connectivity Suite and ASAP! software were the first to provide an easy-to-use “point & click” capability for transmitting documents and artwork digitally over the telephone, Internet and private LAN/WAN systems. More information about the company can be found at or by calling 630-689-4111.