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willlatsonWilliam Latson, Latsons Print Services, Inc.
MyOrderDesk has increased our bottom line drastically. Moving our customers online has improved efficiency, cemented our customer relationships, and increased our customer retention rate to almost 100%. If you are on the fence about moving to online ordering, MyOrderDesk is the company to go with. Their customer support is stellar. As printers, we know that production comes first and in busy times (always) you can quickly get in a bind. PagePath knows that too; they have helped us out of too many situations to count, and quickly at that. I cannot recommend them, their support team, and their product more highly. They’re the best there is, period.

mod-testimonials-google-sheets-2016-10-14-15-49-35Lisa Dyson, Graphic Solutions
We have been working with the PagePath online print ordering system for about a year now. Customer service and support have been outstanding and professional!! Support has been very helpful in addressing challenges that arise, when adding client requests to their custom ordering sites. Our clients love that we have been able to individualize their ordering sites to fit their needs! They have helped us create a smooth and easy ordering experience, that our clients really appreciate! When we need technical help, MyOrderDesk support is always there!! They have saved us many times!! When we need them, they respond within 30 minutes of a service request! Their suggestions and advice have been amazing!! It gives our team great peace of mind, to have their support ready and willing to help us with anything that we need!! Thank You, MyOrderDesk!!

adam-olson-econoprintAdam Olson, Econoprint
MyOrderDesk allows us to receive orders and estimate requests from customers at any time of the day. It automates tedious and error-prone work, such as the creation of business cards, saving time in both customer service and prepress.
Its numerous other assets include the pricing model, continuous development, and new features that are often included without additional charges. And, since I’m a bit of a programmer, I like that I can add in my own JavaScript code to accomplish things that are ‘outside of the box.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaah4aaaajdblmjezyjc1ltg3njytndjmmc1hn2y1lwewy2fhodzhzji5oaDoug Castle, Kenwel Printers
I love the product, I did a lot of research, and there were a lot of people trying to sell me storefronts. I talked to 5 or 6 companies and one of the features I liked about your product was the pricing model. Other vendors wanted to charge me a monthly fee, whether the storefront was used or not. Your pricing method is more cost effective by charging only when a customer uses the site.
During the sales process, your team helped me setup a real life demonstration which was very helpful, and when I purchased, your support team helped me get everything up and going. We have also participated in webinars provided by PagePath to help us be successful with storefront.
Whenever I have questions – you guys are there to help me. Our customers and our company couldn’t be happier with the product.

dave-oliveDave Olive, Kwik Kopy Business Solutions
With MyOrderDesk, I am better able to service the needs of my customers by allowing them to input orders and self-personalize simple products such as business cards and forms. In today’s world, a successful printer must have a Web-to-Print presence in order to compete.

scotts-pictScott Muller, Printing Solutions
We used Four51 years ago, which required us to hire a designer to make changes to the site. MyOrderDesk trains us to make our own changes – not to mention the fact that it allows our customers to build business cards on their own – saving us time and money.

tim-trentTim Trent, Longwood University
We purchased MyOrderDesk at the Association of College & University Printers 2014 conference, and we’re now fully automating our ordering process. MyOrderDesk is affordable and the setup assistance is A+.

truecolorDavid Helmey, truecolorGRAPHICS
MyOrderDesk offers us effective job management and the opportunity to expand our marketing.
It also helps us to build loyalty with our customers. Once they are in the system, it is easy for them to specify order details and to send files. The new WordPress skins are also great – very modern and powerful.

dcg-one-300x220Jennifer Haynes, DCG One
PagePath’s customer support was great. I am not overly technical and they were very helpful in explaining what I needed to do, as well as providing me with complete information that I could send on to my IT department. Their follow-through was awesome and everything was completed for me as expected.

quantumkyimageBeth Bair, QuantumGraphix
We definitely save time by using MyOrderDesk.
The system allows customers to place their orders online without taking up the valuable time of customer service representatives or other members of our company. We get a customized report with each order, as well as the shipping information, and we’ve even recently started to take credit card payments for one of our accounts.”

shari-van-hartesveltShari Van Hartesvelt, Allegra – Marketing • Print • Mail
MyOrderDesk gives us the support necessary for consistent branding for our clients with multiple locations. It provides us with the ability to inventory and manage our clients’ forms and brochures. It also helps us to streamline our graphics process when our clients use the Advanced ezMerge forms we created for them. They input their information, proof, and accept the item before it comes to us.

cmacCameron MacGregor, Allegra Marketing Print Web
“MyOrderDesk has helped us to broaden our scope, opening up new markets and new opportunities to us. We’ve also been blessed by referrals and word of mouth. As our customers move in their careers to other companies – in other provinces (and other countries!) – they come back to us with more business.

Because MyOrderDesk grants us the following:
+ Flexibility: the system can be adapted from simple quotation forms to complex inventory and fulfillment
+ Proven Staying Power: it’s been around for a long time, so it’s got a good, solid foundation
+ Competitive Pricing: along with the flexibility to add functions only as needed
+ Friendly, Responsive Staff: They will work with you on “”How can I do this…?”” and are constantly improving the system. MyOrderDesk has been making some MAJOR strides to handle multi-sized shipping containers with more improvements to come.

westphaliconTammy Steers, Westphal – Brand. Print. Creative.
PagePath’s technical team did a great job working with us on our first portal project. They are always there to answer questions and walk you through the site. Once the ordering portal was up it locked us in with our customer and they love it. We have been using it for a few years and appreciate how they still check in to make sure its working good and if we have any other questions. Working with PagePath was a wonderful experience.

28f84c1Arthur Paré, Texas Tech
“Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center has utilized MyOrderDesk as our Digital Storefront for many years. Initial implementation was very quick and easy, and the more complex customization is easily taken care of with each request. We currently offer hundreds of variations on stationery items like business cards and letterhead. Every single item has to meet strict identity guidelines for our institution and we really appreciate the way that MyOrderDesk helped us customize and regulate the way data is displayed. MyOrderDesk has saved us thousands of man hours since we originally started using it.
The training available is exceptional. We had one individual that wanted to do some different things with MyOrderDesk and he was on the phone every week for about four weeks getting personalized attention at no additional cost to customize interface for a variety of projects from inventory tags to shipping documents. The system is robust enough that if you can envision it, describe parameters, and test results – it can format projects exactly the way you want them!”

kheydtKirk Heydt, GRC Direct
MyOrderDesk offers online ordering in an intuitive and web-standard way. Also, its’ simple and straight-forward utilization of the WordPress engine provides us with all that we have been looking for in an online store.

newrfl_titleGerry, RafflesForLess.com
We’ve just marked our second anniversary of incorporating MOD to our website and in that time our sales have almost tripled. We often get comments from our customers about how easy it is to navigate the ordering process. The knowledgeable support staff is always quick to respond to questions and with notifications of updates.

hgolzHenry Golczynski, Franklins Printing
Could not have asked for any better help and support!!

trevor-ollechTrevor Ollech, Book Ranger
We love the way our website looks, and we were even able to come in under budget in its creation. I have no idea how we would have made this happen without MyOrderDesk.

FLPP_062615Mike Mason, Forest Lake Printing
You guys always come through for us – thank you!



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